SAVE THE DATE! 3rd Annual *free* GRRLS+ Try-it-Out Clinic / Meet the Team

Sun May 5, 3-5pm, Lake Nokmois

Do you know a girl who will be entering 6th-12th grade and may be interested in mountain biking? Did you know that south Minneapolis has a mountain bike team that welcomes female+ riders of all skill levels?

Registration will open on Fri Mar 29, 6am.
For more information, check out this flyer.

Or, go directly to registration here.

612mtb is a co-ed team; however, we have a strong girls “team within a team.” Girls will find friends that encourage each other as they take on the challenges of the trails and racing, building confidence and character along the way. Women Coaches provide additional support and mentoring.

As we move forward, you may see the terms "GRRLS+" or "WOMEN+."
GRRLS+ / WOMEN+ is are terms that 612mtb has begun using for events and initiatives centered on the development and support of girls/women and overall inclusiveness in our sport. We welcome anyone who identifies as female, regardless of assignment at birth or who identifies as non-binary or gender nonconforming and wants to be in a female-identified environment. Allies are always welcome.

Why are we doing this? GRRLS+/WOMEN+ still face challenges from society, school, community, family, friends, and themselves. These challenges range from being judged on what they wear, how they look, what they say, what they believe, how they identify to what they do in their free time. Creating spaces where GRRLS+/WOMEN+ can step away from being in competition with each other and focus on fostering encouragement and collaboration develops confidence both on and beyond the bike.

The definition above was inspired by organizations MCA GRRLS to Girls Who Code to Ellevest to TC Consulting.

Here's what some of our girl riders are saying about our team...

"Our daughter isn’t always pumped about activities, but as soon as she gets moving with the bike team, she glows with happiness!"

"Riding with an all grrl group allows the grrls to bond on a deeper level, connecting, encouraging, and pushing each other to be become better as a person and rider!!"

"As female athlete participating in a mostly male-dominated sport it was helpful for me to find a group of girls, riders and coaches alike, that I could practice and bond with. Having strong female that I could look up to helped me say to myself “hey, I do belong here and this sport is for me.”

Here is our team 💙 (photos from 2023 season):

Our women coaches