Thank you for your interest in 612mtb!  612mtb is a non-profit organization that exists to promote and support youth mountain biking. 612mtb organizes training, coaching, practices, skills workshops, trips, and other activities to help youth become better bikers, and to participate in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (“NICA”) Minnesota mountain bike race series. 612mtb is the umbrella group that supports the Washburn, South, Southwest and Southside Composite High School Mountain Bike Teams.  These teams are each a NICA sanctioned chapter of the Minnesota High School Cycling League, and 612mtb coaches are registered NICA coaches. 


By registering to become a member of 612mtb, you agree to the following: 


1. You will register for the Minnesota High School Cycling League through the NICA Pitzone.  You must complete this registration before you can attend any 612mtb activities.  NICA provides various support, insurance, discounts, and other great benefits.  Please read all NICA documentation carefully.   

2. You will pay a registration fee to 612mtb.  This fee goes to support 612mtb’s operations and expenses to give each rider a great biking experience. Financial scholarships are available; please contact a head coach to inquire about a scholarship. 

3. You must have a mountain bike in good repair and suitable for trail riding.  You must always wear a helmet, ride safely, use lights, and follow all other instructions from the coaches.  The 612mtb Code of Conduct will be presented to each rider in detail, early in the riding season. 

4. You understand that MOUNTAIN BIKING IS AN ACTIVITY THAT INVOLVES A LEVEL OF DANGER AND THAT INJURIES CAN AND DO OCCUR. There are natural, man-made, mechanical and environmental conditions and risks that can result in injury or death.  You accept and assume all risks associated with participating in 612mtb activities, and acknowledge that you alone are responsible for your own personal safety.  You specifically RELEASE and DISCHARGE 612mtb and its coaches and volunteers from any and all liability or claims that may arise out of your participation in 612mtb activities. 

5. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must complete this enrollment form on your behalf, and register you through the NICA Pitzone.